All karts and Canam are duly insured and, in case of an accident, users will be charged a damage coverage amount if it would be due to reckless driving or mistake of the driver or passenger of which accident cause due to their reckless driving or any other accident related mistake. If an accident occurs naturally not due to reckless driving then the full amount will be covered by our insurance company only if they have paid for an insurance at beginning of the tour. If the user doesn't take insurance for the go-kart or Canam he/she will be liable to pay the entire cost of damage in case of an accident.

We have 3 Routes available at Monkey Kart Japan which covers the famous areas of tokyo.

  • Road Route 1: Only 10-18 slot’s available per time slot.
  • Road Route 2: Only 5 slots available per time slot.
  • Road Route 3 : Only 8 slots available per time slot

If the weather is poor and our reservation team emails you that today we are not operating the tour due to heavy rain forecast so then only your reservation can be rescheduled or cancellations can be performed at anytime at no cost. Otherwise, reservation cancellations and changes can be performed at no cost for up until 7 days before the date of the reservation. After that, we charge 100% of the overall fee as a general rule. However, we handle matters on an individual basis, so please contact us for more information.

Expressways, highways and roads requiring engines over 50cc cannot be used.(Canam Ryker is allow to drive on highway)

In the event that you have to park during the drive, coin-operated parking spaces and the like can be used just as with a normal car. However, please be aware that the customer will have to pay out of pocket in the event of theft or damage to the vehicle.

You can have one passenger by using Canam Ryker Please contact us for more information.

Our karts are automatic and very easy to control if you regularly drive a car. As long as you have a license valid on Japanese roads, you can drive a Monkey Kart.However, Monkey Kart cannot be driven with licenses for mopeds or motorbikes.Caution:Monkey Kart's custom made go-kart is for public roads in Japan. You will need a valid Japanese driver's license, or an International Driving Permit, or an SOFA License for US Forces Japan, or your own driver's license and an official Japanese translation of the license if you are from Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco. Remember! NO LICENSE NO DRIVE!! For More info.

No it’s strictly not allowed to bring any costumes. We provide costumes which are included in your tour package. If you still want to bring some your favorite characters please kindly make sure with our reservation team before you purchase.

Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, Mexico , Indonesia, Brazil - and many more please kindly check the list on our homepage.

Canam bike is a two seater bike(one driver & one passenger) available only in Road Route 1 option.

The maximum weight is 110kgs. Whilst, the height should be maximum of 200cm.

Yes, the customer has to pay extra charge if they ask for rescheduling for the following reasons:

  • reaching late for tour
  • ask to reschedule Forgot IDP at hotel
  • ask to reschedule Requesting before 24 hours to change the booking date & time

Unfortunately no we do not recommend this activity for pregnant women