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Unleash the Excitement of Go-Kart in Tokyo with Monkey Kart

Welcome to Monkey Kart - your gateway to the most exciting Go-kart experience in Tokyo! Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable adventure through the bustling streets of Tokyo, where you can feel the thrill of real road Go-karting. With multiple locations in Asakusa, Shibuya, and Shinagawa, we offer the best Go-kart experience in Tokyo, where you get to explore this vibrant metropolis like never before. Get ready to rev up your Tokyo adventure with Monkey Kart, the home of Go-kart in Tokyo! Read More

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Why choose Monkey kart

Monkey kart is the company which not only provides go karting experience but many other experiences like two seaters canam, helicopter tour, Mt.Fuji tour and many more. We are strong in the market as have modified and colorful collection of go karts where you can pick your own favorite color. Our tour guides are well experienced with guiding, photo skills, interaction, etc. We are proud of being serving best experience on all big platform such as viator, get your guide, trip advisor. We have been certified for best experience provider.

Unique Costumes for Extra Fun

Embark on your Tokyo adventure in style by choosing your costume to add an extra layer of fun and excitement. Whether you fancy being a superhero, a manga character, or something entirely unique, our collection of costumes will make your ride truly memorable.

Iconic Tokyo Route

Discover Tokyo's vibrant energy as you drive through its most iconic areas, including the bustling streets of Shinjuku, the trendy Harajuku district, and the famous Shibuya Crossing. Our carefully crafted route ensures that you experience the essence of Tokyo while enjoying the thrill of a go-kart ride.

Canam Rider

Introducing new vehicle Canam Ryker which are two seaters tricycles recommend for couples and families. It is easy to drive and fully automatic. It’s also recommend for customer who still want to experience Monkey kart without driving permit. It’s also recommended for kids above 130 cm tall.

driving License premit required

International Driving Permit Required

- This activity requires international driving permit issued by local authority of your country such as AAA,CAA OR AA and other valid driving license in Japan (such as Local license (Japan) or SOFA license). Foreign international driving permit Hardcopy issued by local authority of each country will be only allowed to drive on real streets of Tokyo. (License issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Estonia or Monaco) with Japanese translation by authorized organization is allowed to drive in Japan. Some of the countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Brazil are not allowed to drive in Japan. Just make sure once you proceed to book kindly check whether your country issue international driving permit under geneva 1949 from the authorised association. To drive in Japan, International driving permit should be under 1949 geneva convention to legally drive on the streets of Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Had an amazing time here with Monkey Kart! Hendric was a wonderful tour guide and the ride was fun. Definitely recommended and would come back! Thank you :)

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Amazing experience!! Kevin & Jero are great guides and we had a great ride. 100% would come back for Monkeycart since they have sporty looking cars plus friendly guides & staff. 🤩

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Had lots of fun! Definitely an enjoyable experience. Staff were also very helpful at rescheduling our session when we weren't able to attend to our initial reservation. Thanks to Jero and Shou!

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This was literally one of the best life experiences I ever had! Thank you so much for the guidance. I was super excited and I am so glad that I got to experience this. Special thanks to Hendric and Kevin!

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What an amazing experience!!! Hendric was an amazing tour guide, he made the experience so much smoother and more enjoyable!! Highly recommend 😍

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Amazing tour!! Really felt comfortable on the karts with Hedrick leading the guide. Saw some great parts of Tokyo which would be very hard to see if not on this tour. Highly recommend.

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Thanks Hendric for being our tour guide. Lots of energy! It was a great experience karting through the streets of Tokyo and seeing the city from a different perspective. Recommended if you're a fan of go karting!

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The experience was great! Sinney, the instructor, was very nice and helpful and made sure you were kept safe as you drove through the streets of Tokyo.

Japanese Driving License

licence 1

The driver license for residents in Japan.

The SOFA driver license for US Forces Japan is acceptable.

licence 1

International Driving Permit issued by AAA or AATA is acceptable.and States Side Drivers License with US Militaly ID are acceptable.

Passport with An international driving Permit (issued by a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention)

licence 1

Your IDP is valid for 1 year from issuance, allowing you to drive in Japan for the first year after entry (verified by the entry stamp). Get it through paperwork in your home country. Note: IDPs from the 1926 Paris, 1943 Washington, and 1968 Vienna Conventions are not accepted in Japan.

In France, Belgium, and Monaco, only IDPs from the 1949 Geneva Convention are recognized.

licence 1

ALL PLASTIC drivers license card is NOT allowed to drive in Japan.

All Paper-Book style drivers license without "1949" on the surface is NOT allowed to drive in Japan.

licence 1

Drivers license for EU is NOT allowed in Japan.

But the EU license ONLY BY Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium or Monaco is allowed to drive in Japan WITH Japanese Translation by authorized organization and the passport.

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Best route options

No Helmet Required

Well experienced guides with professional editing skills of photographs.

For cancellation and full refund you have to atleast inform us before 7 days of your tour time

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Discover Tokyo's vibrant streets like never before with Monkey Kart. Our specially designed karts offer a thrilling adventure, complete with themed costumes for a unique tour experience. Whether you're a local or a tourist, explore iconic neighborhoods and famous landmarks, from Shibuya Crossing to Asakusa. Rev your engines and make unforgettable memories with Monkey Kart in Tokyo.

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Canam Ryker 600

Introducing new vehicle Canam Ryker which are two seaters tricycles recommend for couples and families. It is easy to drive and fully automatic. It’s also recommend for customer who still want to experience Monkey kart without driving permit. It’s also recommended for kids above 130 cm tall.

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Introducing new vehicle Canam Ryker which are two seaters tricycles recommend for couples and families. It is easy to drive and fully automatic. It’s also recommend for customer who still want to experience Monkey kart without driving permit. It’s also recommended for kids above 5 years of age.

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Ferrari Spyder 488

Monkey Kart invites you to experience Tokyo's finest attractions in style with our Ferrari Spyder 488 Sports car. Begin your adventure by visiting our store, where you can provide your International driving permit or local Japanese driving license (with translation assistance available for specific regions). After a safety briefing, step into the powerful Ferrari Spyder 488 for a guided tour lasting 1 or 2 hours. Monkey Kart: Unleash the thrill of Tokyo in a Ferrari Spyder 488!

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Mt. Fuji Tour

Embark on a personalized adventure with Monkey Kart's exclusive guided tour in a spacious Toyota Alphard, perfect for groups of up to six. Starting from your hotel, customize your journey to include the awe-inspiring sights of Mt. Fuji, the tranquil Lake Kawaguchiko, a serene Chureito Pagoda shrine, the premium Gotemba outlet, and the enchanting Shiraito Falls. Priced at 60,000 yen, this tailored tour ensures an unforgettable experience amid the natural splendors of Mt. Fuji and its scenic surroundings.

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It’s one of the best experience where you can see explore Tokyo city in different way. We provide different courses for helicopter. The price includes for three person. The price will remain same for 1-2 person as well. We also provide different options that you can find in our (Book now) section. We also rent for private shooting, proposal and many other options. Don’t wait and book it now with Monkey kart.

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